3 Ways To Develop Your Sense Of Style

3 Ways To Develop Your Sense Of Style

Your style expresses who you are to the world. In developing a sense of style, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Do your research by consulting a range of fashionable sources. In the end, do what looks and feels good to you. Soon, you will develop your own personal style brand.

Inspect your current wardrobe. Lay your favorite clothes on your bed or on a table. Choose pieces that you like or wear often. Look at all the possible combinations of clothing, and see if you tend towards a particular style (such as bohemian, rock chick, vintage, geek chic, etc.). Note which pieces are your favorite, and ask yourself why. Once you determine this, you can start looking for pieces that have similar features. For each individual article of clothing, you should note the:
Fit: How does the piece adhere to your body? Is it tight in certain places or baggy? Does it flare at the hips, or is it a straight piece?
Texture: Does the material lie flat, or is there a 3D effect? Are there ruffles, ruching, or pleats? Are there sequins, rhinestones, or other embellishments?
Color: Is it a neutral, such as black, navy, khaki, or white? Is it a jewel tone, such as teal, emerald green, or gold? Or is it a pastel, such as mint, light pink, or lavender?
Print: Is it patterned or solid? Are the stripes vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or a mix? Is there a flower or animal print? Are there blocks of color?

Determine how you want to appear to others. Think about the specific terms you want others to say about you. For example, perhaps you want to appear bubbly and friendly. Maybe you want to be called sophisticated and daring. You might even want to look intelligent and sensible. Write these words down in a list, and think about your style choices can help you fulfill these terms.

Find a fashion archetype. There are many different categories of fashion that can help you refine your search for the perfect style. You may find that you conform to just one archetype or that there are many that fit your personality. Some popular ones include:[1]
Classic: you may have a conservative style. You may tend towards neutral colors with minimal decorations. Your clothing may be described as professional.[2]
Trendy: you may like to follow the latest fashions, and your clothing changes based on what's popular on the red carpet.
Romantic: if you're a woman, you may tend towards flowing or ruffled pieces. If you're a man, you may be attracted to old fashioned suits and vintage attire.
Bohemian: you may like baggier clothing with distinctive patterns such as paisley or tie-dye. Your clothing may appear rustic or outdoorsy. You might consider yourself a nature lover.
Sporty: You may tend to wear active wear as your casual clothing. You may wear tennis shoes around town, and you may enjoy outdoor activities.

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