How To Maintain Your Cowboy Boots

How To Maintain Your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are designed to last for years and endure rough conditions, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t benefit from regular cleaning and polishing. If you wear your boots for fashion purposes, you can get away with occasional cleaning. But if you wear them for utilitarian work and really get them dirty, you should clean them whenever they appear dusty or scuffed. In addition to cleaning and polishing the boots to make them brighter and looking like new, you should also condition your boots to restore and hydrate the leather.

Spray new boots with silicone polymer spray. When you purchase your boots, you need to protect them against damage from the elements. Lay out the boots on newspaper in a well-ventilated area, hold the silicone polymer spray about a foot (30.48 cm) from the boots and spray evenly.
You can find silicone polymer spray at department stores and some shoe stores.
This type of spray is generally safe on all leather, including suede, but check the packaging to make sure.

Apply another coat after 30 minutes. After spraying both boots, let the boots dry for about 30 minutes. Then apply another coat for extra protection and let it dry for 30 more minutes. After the second coat dries, the boots will be ready to wear.

Apply waterproofing spray every few months. It’s important to apply waterproofing spray consistently, especially if you're in a wet climate. If you wear your boots in a dry climate or mostly indoors, apply spray to clean boots every few months, otherwise, apply the spray every month or so to protect your boots.

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