What To Wear For Hiking

What To Wear For Hiking

Walking in the nature became my hobby for the past few years. It really gives me a peace of mind. I like to breath in that fresh air and to feel like a little explorer discovering all nature's beauties. When I go to hike I like my clothes to be useful (nature gives you many suprises) and stylish (I want my pictures to look good) at the same time. 
Thus, these are my hiking clothing staples:

No matter which time of the year it is, jacket is neccessary. In the nature is always windy and unpreddictable, so you have to dress up in layers. Bring jacket that isn't too warm or too heavy to carry when you take it off.

Choose bottoms that are simple, easy to walk in, stretchy and easy to wash if you get dirty. I usually choose skinny jeans or dark-colored leggings.

As I said - layers. Of course, you won't need tights in the summer, but I like to wear them when I go to hike, in case I get wet somehow and I planned to stay in nature till night.

This really depends on weather that day and where are you going. I usually like to wear something that is waterproof, but if it's hot outside I would wear my converse shoes.

This is small, but really important - don't go into the nature without socks. You will walk alot and you don't want to damage your feet.

It will protect you from sun and from wind, but it will also help you make beautiful pictures.

Snacks, water, socks and T-Shirt to change, camera, phone - it all goes to backpack.

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